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The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour

Rob Bartlett, Stand Up Comic, Star of The Broadway Stage, TV & Movie Screens, best known from his years as a writer of genius comic characters on the Imus in the Morning program, is back with The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour. It may be a little less than an hour...but it's Comedy. So you have that going for you.

Aug 29, 2018

The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour has now graduated and is also available on 77WABC Radio Every Saturday Night at 10 PM and will be available as a podcast immediately after Broadcast. In this episode, a retrospective of some of the best bits from the Radio show.

Aug 22, 2018

Special guest Anthony Cumia joins Rob and the crew for Andrew Dice Clay The Sommelier and Martin Scorceses Wizard of Oz. PLUS motivational Speaker Tammy Bobbins and YourPillow, the uncomfortable alternative to The MyPillow!

Aug 22, 2018

In an All AngloCentric episode, Rob welcomes special guest, Liverpool Legend, Billy J Kramer, who performs his biggest hit, the LennonMcCartney penned Bad to Me, and previews the new hit single from his forthcoming album. 

Aug 15, 2018

In this episode, Rob welcomes 77 WABC Radios Sid Rosenberg from the Bernie and Sid Show, we get the second installment of the continuing murder mystery Deader Than Elvis, Nicolas Cage sells Burial Insurance, Ron Howard offers a Master Class, and an Opera Singer.

Aug 6, 2018

In the laughpacked Episode 4 Rob kicks off the Second Season of Death Can Kill with an Elvis themed storyline, the recently separated Long Island Medium goes on a date at the Olive Garden, and Graphic Violence is spelled out at the Bee.