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The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour

Rob Bartlett, star of stage and screen, best known for his years as a writer/performer on the Imus in the Morning Program, is back with an original Almost Hour of Comedy,  Starring Rob and featuring his group of young comedic actors, 'The Robio Radio Players'.  Written by Rob  and former SNL writer Andrew Smith, it's a collection of Comedy Sketches, Music and Much Much More.

May 30, 2019

Back 'live', The Robio's topic today, in light of the opening of the new Star Wars Land at the Parks, is 'Disney' Listen as he takes on Frozen Nazi Uncle Walt, examines the most unusual Disney Merch, and, of course, 'Gangsta Mickey' has a story about an unfortunate date with one of the 'Frozen' sisters.  PLUS, your...

May 29, 2019

Today, yet another collection of some of the best bits from this season:  The Thrilling Saga of the Old West, 'Riflesmoke', Bud Sperlo's Broadway Musical Bargain Barn, Christopher Walken's PSA and 'El Prestidititatio'...Radio Magician.  Back tomorrow with a BRAND NEW Episode.

May 28, 2019

While we repair some technical issues, today we present a great episode, our personal favorite, celebrating the greatest borough in NYC, with Special Guest, STEVE SCIRRIPA!  Who joins us for some silliness including an edition of 'Flatbush Jeopardy'.

May 28, 2019

In this Special 'Best Of' Episode, today's 'Fiendish Thingy' Topic is...Wrestling.  Featuring some Podcast Follower Emails read by our cast members, (Don't you miss them?  I do) and a VERY SPECIAL guest, Certified G and Bonafide Stud Enzo Amore. He and the Robio share stories about their respective times with the World...

May 26, 2019

The third and final part of the Special Experimental Trilogy Spin Off of The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour: 'A Fiendish Thingy'.  In this edition, The Robio takes on the topic of Wine. Buying it, Tasting it, Drinking it, and making fun of the elitist condescending douche nozzles who have lost sight of the basic fact...