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The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour

Rob Bartlett, Stand Up Comic, Star of The Broadway Stage, TV & Movie Screens, best known from his years as a writer of genius comic characters on the Imus in the Morning program, is back with The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour. It may be a little less than an hour...but it's Comedy. So you have that going for you.

Apr 24, 2021

Part 4 of conversations with The Robio and some of his pals from the early days of 'The Comedy Boom', as he continues his hang with comedians Bill McCarty & Fred Stoller, swapping stories about life as a Stand Up Comic: One Nighters, Hell Gigs, and taking a bath in the slop sink in the kitchen at the East Side...

Apr 19, 2021

The next installment of the continuing series covering the history of Long Island Stand Up Comedy.  This week, Robio hangs with dear friends Bill McCarty and Fred Stoller to share stories about the movement of Island Comics to Manhattan to do 'The City Clubs', one-nighter hell gigs in Jersey, and then out on the road,...

Apr 15, 2021

A special bonus track: THAT COVID 19 NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.



Apr 4, 2021

More from the early days of Stand Up Comedy on Long Island with Jackie the Joke Man Martling.  Including the legendary stories 'Is That It?', 'Make That Call Dave', 'No Spray Wax', and 'Hannibell the Clown on the Joe Franklin Show'.